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1987年に自身のレーベル「メトロトロン・レコード」設立と同時にアルバム『Wan-Gan King』でソロデビュー。最新アルバムは14th『ピカソ』。

レーベルのプロデューサーとしてさまざまなミュージシャンの輩出を支え続ける一方、アーティスト、アイドルへの作詞・楽曲提供、The Suzuki(w/鈴木慶一)、Mio Fou(w/美尾洋乃)、政風会(w/直枝政広)などユニット活動もあり。近年のソロアルバムでは「後がない楽団」「どう?楽団」「F.A.A.」等プロジェクトユニットを展開中。随筆やレビュー、エッセイなども執筆、著書や新聞連載などあり。

Hirobumi SUZUKI


Suzuki was born in Tokyo on May 19th, 1954. He began his musical career as a member of the ORIGINAL MOONRIDERS along with Takashi MATSUMOTO and Makoto YANO. Later, in 1976, his older brother Keiichi Suzuki invited Suzuki to join the Moonriders. For the band, he played the base, while writing lyrics and composing many of the group’s songs.


In 1987, Suzuki founded his own record label, “METROTRON RECORD”, releasing his first solo album “Wan-Gan King”. He has since released 14 solo albums, the newest being “Picasso”.


Aside from producing many artists from the label, he has written lyrics and composed for numerous musicians and idols, and has performed in groups such as The Suzuki (with Keiichi SUZUKI), Mio Fou (with Hirono MIO), and SEIFUUKAI(with Masahiro NAOE). His recent albums include the work of project groups such as the “Ato-ga-nai Gakudan” “Dou? Gakudan” and “F.A.A”. He also writes reviews and essays to his own books and newspaper articles.

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