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1980年 “チャクラ” のヴォーカルでデビュー。多くのCMソングでも活躍する。

1991年『4 to 3』(EPIC SONY) でソロ開始。

2009年 AGOGA RECORDS発足、ウズマキマズウ『宇宙人』リリース。

現在は自身のソロ楽曲をメインに歌う 4to3Band、

女子で声を重ねる フ・タウタフ、今堀恒雄らと TOTONOTTA、

渋谷毅、金子マリとの 両手に花、などで活動中。


Mishio OGAWA  (Singer)

1980  Debuts as the vocalist of “Chakra”, also performing in numerous TV ads.

1991  Begins solo work with album “4 to 3”(EPIC SONY)

2009  Founds record label AGOGA RECORDS, releasing the album “Alien” as Uzumakimazuu


Ogawa currently works in projects such as the “4 to 3 band” performing mostly her solo work, female ensemble “Fu・Tau Tafu”, “TOTONOTTA” collaboration with Tsuneo Imabori and others, “Lady in Each Arm” with Takeshi Shibuya and Mari Kaneko.

“There are particles of truths of the universe that cannot be put into words. I try to carry these pieces through song”

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